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As we continue to learn the scope of the war’s impact on the young victims, acting fast is of the essence. We are in the process of establishing a tailor-made and detailed methodology by which we will provide support to the orphans. This includes a prioritization criteria.

The children and young adults entitled to receive aid from this foundation must be:

  • Israeli residents;

  • 25 years or younger as of October 7, 2023;

  • Individuals who remain without parents due either to loss of life in the Iron Swords War or to the ongoing hostage crisis.

  • In extreme cases we will consider single parent families and others.

Unprecedented loss and grief

The orphaned children of October 7th, 2023 are experiencing a very unique and unprecedented loss in several aspects: 

  1. Losing both parents, brothers, sisters, and extended family, all at once.

  2. Losing their homes and belongings. 

  3. Losing their communities and friends. 

  4. In most cases, the orphans experienced the atrocities firsthand.

  5. Losing pets. 


  1. These children to lose their childhood, sense of safety, and sense of mattering. 

  2. The need for a combination of multiple mental health treatments, in order to properly support the extent of this loss and grief. In partnership with top experts, Our Children, Our War is meeting this need. 

Support Types

  1. Immediate assistance to families, offered in addition to available government support - supplies, funds, clothes, hobbies. 

  2. Tailored made plan for every foster family and orphan - with criteria per each age group.

  3. Direct long-term financial support according to assessed family needs. 

  4. Youth educational support - tuition, tutors, extra-curricular activities, etc.

  5. Short to long-term support from leading psychologists and other therapists, as needed (We will pay the additional therapists' costs on top of the government support).

  6. Saving accounts for the orphans’ future. 

  7. Full university scholarships, including advanced degrees (M.A., M.D., Ph.D.).

  8. Mentoring and coaching tracks according to age group.

  9. In particular cases, we will forge a direct connection between donors and families/children (this plan is currently being reviewed, considering solely the benefit of the orphan).


The advantages of donating to Our Children, Our War vs. donating directly to families:

  1. Donating to ALL orphans in the ages of 0-25 ( + special cases ) 

  2. We want to ensure that all needs of these children will be answered and they will be supported and helped by professionals in various fields. 

  3. Holistic and professional support in all aspects, for the lifetime of the orphaned child.

  4. Detailed methodologies for mental and psychological support, monitored and developed by a team of highly experienced professionals.

  5. Little-to-no intermediary costs.

  6. Maximizing the value of each donation through our ability to collaborate with government support systems when necessary, while providing an additional layer of support.

  7. Tax benefits/donation credits.

  8. Ensuring that each donation reaches the place it is needed most.  

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